Ever watched a movie and thought 'could that happen?' or heard a wacky myth and was curious to see if there was truth to it? Well, thanks to the dynamic duo, Adam and Jaime, along with the enthusiastic team, Kari, Tory and Grant, those questions now have answers! Celebrating their 10-year anniversary in 2013, Mythbusters were one of the first to use their explosive mixture of science, engineering, ingenuity and luck to not only retell the myths but also put them to the test for your entertainment.

Adam and Jamie have teamed up with some of Hollywood’s most famous, like director James Cameron, to crack the myths our viewers want answers too. Our Titanic Special involves the most requested myth we’ve ever tackled on the show! And if that’s not enough, Aaron Paul and Vince Gilligan also become honorary Mythbusters in our Breaking Bad Special. These are only some of the stars brave enough to get involved in the show. Of course there’s a whole load more to Mythbusters than the Hollywood heavy-hitters.

Can you use duct tape to survive and thrive while abandoned in the desert? Can you use rockets to power a surfboard? What’s the best way to survive an earthquake? What’s the most fuel-efficient way to drive your car? Can you ride high on an explosive shockwave? Answering the questions that keep people awake at night remains a core principle of Mythbusters.

So if you're in for a scientifically tested ride then Mythbusters is the show for you.

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