History Hunters

Face-paced, funny and full of facts, History Hunters brings the fun into history and guarantees parents and their children will discover that the past was weird, wacky and interesting! From the innards of a travelling globe, our two hosts hunt through history to discover what life was really life, exploring some of the strange and wonderful things that went on in ancient life. Each episode sees pint-sized History Hunters (aka real life children) tackle missions to match, make and explore customs, inventions and discoveries from history.

Whether it’s making a Roman-inspired waterwheel, testing gravity on earth, block-printing like the Ancient Indians, experimenting with super secret spy gadgets, exploring the workings of a medieval windmill or recreating the Great Wall of China from rice, History Hunters inspires children to turn history into fun. With both history and subject-driven episodes, covering topics such as Rome, Ancient Egypt, Aboriginals, Pirates, Spies and Travel, History Hunters has broad appeal for both girls and boys aged from six to ten years.

Each themed episode is a dynamic mix of studio-based activities, child-centric location pieces and laugh-out-loud animations that show how the lifestyles, inventions, people and traditions from the past shape our everyday lives.

Format: MP4 | Running Time: 60 * 40 minutes

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