Behind Mansion Walls

Money doesn't always make you happy but it can sometimes make you murder. There's a world of money and power that likes to remain hidden. A place the rest of us aren't meant to see; it lies behind mansion walls. But one thing can crash through the locked gates of wealth and privilege and put all their dirty laundry on view...murder. These are the crimes that rock the millionaire class to its very core. These crimes hold a special fascination for the ordinary person and we want to find out what happened exactly to turn the idyllic millionaire lifestyle into a murder scene. Behind Mansion Walls investigates what happens when money doesn't buy happiness, when family dynasties implode, when high stake divorce ends in bloodshed and when rich decadence turns to death. Behind Mansion Walls will tell the real story of high society and high intrigue and use dramatic recreations to show the key moments of these crimes and their investigations. These will be backed by powerful interviews with key experts and eyewitnesses in each case. It's murder and mystery on a grand scale.

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