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NZ Digital Marketing Strategy Survey 2013

Apr 30, 2013

FIRST conducted a digital marketing strategy survey in early 2013 to identify digital marketing trends for New Zealand Businesses. n=1663

What are your top marketing objectives for 2013?

Insight: Businesses are looking for growth in revenue and sales in 2013.

What percentage of marketing budget is allocated to digital?

Insight: The majority of businesses invest less than 20% of their marketing budget to digital initiatives. There is tremendous opportunity here to achieve more through allocating more budget to high performing online channels.

How successful have each of the following tactics been, which are priorities for 2013

Insight: The top 5 tactics invested in are Website Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (Google Adwords), Content Marketing / PR, and Email Marketing. The lowest 5 include Marketing Automation, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Apps, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Web Analytics. These lowest ones perhaps do not reflect appropriate priority, rather shows the knowledge gap between companies and what is likely to assist them to increase revenue.

How significantly are new technologies changing the way you do business?

Insight: The mix of responses here again highlights a potential knowledge gap, where some companies may not think new technologies are significantly changing their business, but they are.

What are your greatest digital marketing challenges?

Insight: ‘Improving digital knowledge’ was seen as the greatest digital marketing challenge, followed by ‘understanding consumer behaviour trends’ and ‘ideas / innovation’. Interestingly, ‘budget constraints’ was just 4th greatest challenge.

In Summary…

New Zealand businesses want to see growth in sales and revenue, and budgets / ROI are secondary to that core focus. There is a reasonable knowledge gap, and it is difficult for businesses to keep up-skilling in new technologies. However, as digital business evolves at an ever raid rate, keeping up with new developments and marketing techniques may be the key to success.