Banks and Home Loan Sites (Social Reach Report)

29th August 2013

Which Australian banks and home loan companies are making the best use of social media?

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FIRST looked into the social media reach of banks, building societies and home loan sites for its Relative Social Reach (RSR) report.

Here’s a summary of what was discovered:

  • One bank is the clear leader in terms of social media reach when compared to other relevant bank and home loan comparison brands in Australia.
  • Video was used by many brands with popular TV ads delivering significant engagement for NAB, with Commonwealth Bank and Colonial First State coming in close behind.
  • Pinterest is only being used by three brands and even then they hardly engage with the very few number of customers.
  • Commonwealth Bank and ING Direct are the only two brands to use Google+ to its full extent to engage with customers.
  • Only two out of the 26 brands analysed tick all the social media channel boxes.

To find out more, download the social reach report from FIRST’s download form.

FIRST uses its bespoke metric called RSR (Relative Social Reach) to estimate how well each company is utilising Social Media compared to its direct competitors. RSR is an estimate of the reach of a brand via social media compared to a group of its competitors. It provides a flexible comparative assessment of a brand’s social media reach in a fast-moving and dynamic channel. It is weighted based on the popularity of each social channel and the social metric used to measure reach in each channel.

For the full report (PDF) please use our download form