Searching for home loans online

27th August 2013

What are people searching for when looking for a home loan?

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FIRST looked into the search engine results for home loans online for its Ranking Based Reach performance analysis report. The results were surprising – at the time of reporting, Australia’s leading banks did not dominate natural search results pages for home loans.

Here’s a summary of what was discovered:

  • Top contenders. At the time of reporting, big banks such as Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and ANZ were not dominating the natural search results for home loans. With paid search results Commonwealth Bank is clearly leading the pack, with Bank of Queensland coming in at a distant second place.
  • Natural search results. There was one clear winner for natural search results, with many bank and loan websites resulting in low rankings-based results and thus forfeiting search engine traffic to their competitors.
  • Paid search results. The major players, particularly Commonwealth Bank, have invested in paid search and because of this they dominate in the search engine results pages.
  • Top phrases. The leading keyword phrase at the time of reporting was “mortgage calculator”, followed by “home loan calculator” and “aussie home loans”.
  • Growth in loan comparison sites. With more home loan comparison websites that help searchers find the right home loan, this sector is becoming highly competitive with big banks no longer dominating search results.

To find out more, download the full report (PDF) via our download form.

FIRST uses its bespoke metric called RBR (Ranking Based Reach) to estimate how well each company is ranking in search engines. RBR provides a simple way to compare a website’s search engine rankings with its competitors. RBR is an estimate of the percentage of available search traffic a website will receive for a set of phrases – this gives the sites share of search or reach. It is weighted based on the popularity of each search phrase and the relative click through rate (CTR) of each ranking position.