Carl Barron's A One Ended Stick

10th October 2013

Carl Barron, Australia's most popular comedian, returns with his best show yet on DVD – "A One Ended Stick".

The skinny balding comedian, and possibly the child of Paul Kelly and Gandhi, has performed all around the globe including the US, South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK.

Carl performed "A One Ended Stick" in front of a packed house at the Lyrics Theatre in Brisbane. But be warned - Carl's 90-minute performance may have you peeing your pants, a little.

With more sold out shows and DVDs than any other comedian Down Under, Carl is Australia's most loved stand-up comic. He is the king of observational comedy, and his "A One Ended Stick" tour is Australia's biggest comedy tour yet.

Here's what's being said of Carl's latest performance:

"Audiences are rioting for a glimpse of his sharp routines" - Inpress, Melbourne

"An Aussie larrikin persona that has been polished to shine brighter than an opal" - NZ Herald

"Watching Barron perform is like watching mime with punchlines" - The Drum, Sydney

Be prepared for laugh out loud hilarity, with "A One Ended Stick" soon to be available to purchase on DVD on 6 November.