Release Duck Dynasty Season 2

13th September 2013

Currently making a splash across America, A&E’s hit reality show Duck Dynasty is breaking industry records, capturing hearts and telling the endearing story of a Louisiana family.

Seen as a dirty word, reality television has long been the preserve of friction, angst and posturing – however, this TV mainstay is currently undergoing somewhat of a revolution in a way that might surprise many viewers – this change is friendly, understated, and has produced one of the biggest surprise hits of modern times.

Spearheading this transformation on our screens is the kooky, backwood charm of Duck Dynasty, which offers a more congenial, and family-orientated approach that’s at odds with its predecessors. Starring the khaki-clad, bearded Robertson men and their partners, Duck Dynasty wins over its audience through a combination of wholesome goodness, likeable characters, and some genuinely funny comedy moments. 

Indeed, for a show centred around a family business selling duck calls, this show has hooked audiences across America and beyond, delivering viewing figures that are simply astounding. Duck Dynasty peaks at a sensational 11.8 million – a total that’s more than the highest viewed episodes of Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Homeland combined.

Experience the redneck phenomena for yourself, where you get to see Willie's business ideas, Phil's fatherly advice, Mrs Kay's delicious cooking, Uncle Si's oddball philosophies, and Jase's endless need to hunt, fish and avoid doing work. The release of Duck Dynasty Season 2 is available through Beyond Home Entertainment this September.